The Social Economy Research Network of Northern Canada has four main research themes of study. Within each of these themes, research teams comprised of university researchers and social economy partners pursue a variety of research projects, assisted by student researchers.

Theme 1  Profile of the Social Economy in Northern Canada

Coordinated by Dr. Chris Southcott, Lakehead University

Theme 2  Resource regimes and the social economy in the North

Coordinated by Dr. Brenda Parlee, University of Alberta

Theme 3  The State and the social economy in the North

Coordinated by Dr. Frances Abele, Carleton University

Theme 4  Indigenous communities and the social economy

Coordinated by Dr. David Natcher, University of Saskatchewan

Territorial Centres and Community Groups

In addition to the research leads, each of the Northern territories (i.e., Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut) have coordinating offices, with Yukon in charge of overall coordination of the project, and additional northern social economy entities serving on the steering committee: