Survey and statistical picture of the social economy in Northern Canada

The following questionnaire is part of SERNNoCA’s ongoing efforts to inventory non-profit and voluntary organizations, co-operatives, credit unions and other social economy groups operating in Northern Canada. The questionnaire will assist in determining characteristics of these organizations, including locations, activities, size, employment, membership and structure. We would also appreciate your comments on problems or issues faced by your organization.

We would greatly appreciate you obtaining the relevant financial and personnel information to fill out this form on behalf of your organization. For more information on the questionnaire, please consult the cover letter that accompanies the print version of the form.

Assurance of Confidentiality

While your participation is voluntary, your assistance is essential if the survey results are to be accurate. Your answers are collected for statistical purposes and will be kept strictly confidential. Data will be released in non-identifiable, aggregate formats only. Survey results will be shared only among participating researchers and be securely stored in a database, which only the principal investigator will have access to upon completion of the project. However, the findings of this project will be made available to you at your request.

We will use the information gathered from this survey primarily to provide a clearer understanding of the social economy in the North. Hopefully this will allow us to help this sector through policy development, funding and other initiatives.

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  5. Do you operate or provide services in other communities? How many?
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