Volunteer NWT

Up until 2008, Volunteer NWT promoted and supported volunteers and voluntary groups in the Northwest Territories.  It was part of a national program, the Canada Volunteerism Initiative, until that program was eliminated. It continued some activities with the help of the Government of the Northwest Territories, until closing down in 2008 due to a lack of resources.

Resources and research, including a volunteer sector directory produced by Volunteer NWT continue to be available on its website.

Alternatives North

Alternatives North is a social justice coalition operating in the Northwest Territories. Within its ranks are representatives of churches, labour unions, environmental organizations, women and family advocates and anti-poverty groups. The coalition engages in advocacy work as well as produces policy papers throughout the year. It meets regularly on Wednesdays at noon in the boardroom of the Public Service Alliance of Canada, 4916-49th Street Yellowknife, NT and maintains an active e-mail list.

For more information, visit the Alternatives North website.

Arctic Cooperatives Limited

Arctic Co-operatives Limited is a service federation that is owned and controlled by 31 community-based Co-operative business enterprises that are located in Nunavut and Northwest Territories. Arctic Co-operatives Limited coordinates the resources, consolidates the purchasing power and provides operational and technical support to the community based Co-operatives to enable them to provide a wide range of services to their local member owners in an economical manner.

For more information, visit the Arctic Cooperatives website.

Northwest Territories Community Futures Association

The Community Futures Program is a community-based economic development initiative delivered in each region by Community Futures Development Corporations. These Corporations operate independent of government as non-profit organizations and provide lending and support services to regional business communities including social enterprise organizations.

In January 1999, the 6 existing Community Futures organizations of the NWT formed and incorporated the Northwest Territories Community Futures Association (NWTCFA). The association now works on behalf of all 7 CFs in the NWT.

For more information, visit the NWTCFA website.

Societies Registry of the NWT

Societies are non-profit organizations within the Northwest Territories incorporated under the Societies Act. Incorporation is not mandatory for organizations, but the benefits, such as limited liability for members, greater legitimacy in the public eye, and eligibility for government grants sometimes makes this a good option.

For more information, visit the GNWT Department of Justice’s Corporate Registry website.